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Snore Blocker

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Are you tired of hearing your partner snore all night? Or do you want to stop snoring? Then this Snore Blocker is for you! This Snore Blocker is a comfortable anti-snore wristband that reduces the frequency and intensity of snoring.

The band senses when you start to snore and will send a painless electrical pulse to stimulate nerves and train the brain to stop snoring.

Get this now to instantly improve the sleep quality of both you and your partner!


  • Anti-snore wristband
  • Comfortable to wear while sleeping
  • Sends a 4-second electrical pulse when it detects snoring
  • Pulse stimulates nerves as a brain trigger to stop snoring
  • Automatic power off after 8 hours
  • No more lying in bed tossing and turning
  • Actually treats sleep apnea making breathing much easier

How to use:

  1. Simply place the watch on your wrist turn it on and it begins to keep an eye on your body for the next eight hours.
  2. When it senses that you are snoring, it gives your wrist a small shock.
  3. It causes you to readjust your position to prevent snoring.


Material: ABS
Size: 10cm x 7cm x 3cm
Color: Black
Power: 1 x AAA battery (not included)
Package included: 1 x Snore Stopper