Self-Heating Pet Warmer Mat
Self-Heating Pet Warmer Mat
Self-Heating Pet Warmer Mat
Self-Heating Pet Warmer Mat

Self-Heating Pet Warmer Mat

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Does your dog get chilled?

This is a common issue among many pets, especially those with short coats.

But help is here without having to turn the thermostat up to 90 or using electrical cords!

Self-Heating Pet Warmer Mat works without electricity to build up natural warmth while they rest. The inner self-warming technology works by capturing your pet's body heat and radiating their warmth back to them using insulating polyester fiber batting core. It's lightweight, portable design makes the Self-Heating Pet Warmer Mat great for traveling to ensure your pet stays comfortable and warm wherever you go!

Snuggly soft and oh-so-comfy plush sleep surface is soft on noses and paws. 

  • KEEP YOUR PET WARM: The Self-Heating Pet Warmer Mat is electricity-free! A thermal mat is nestled against insulating poly fiber batting core within the confines of the bed, working with your pet's natural body heat to create a warmer sleep surface.

  • SLEEP SURFACE: Plush faux fur lines the sleep surface of the bed mat, with quilted seams extra padding. The fabric is unbelievably soft on noses and paws, luxuriously cushioning your pet in delightful coziness and toasty snuggles.

  • PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: The Self-Heating Pet Warmer Mat is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal bedding companion for your pet when traveling, camping, or doing other outdoor activities. Keeping your pet warm outside the comfort of home has never been so easy!


  • Material: Silk, Lamb Velvet, Polyester Cloth, Aluminum Foil
  • Pattern: Solid
  • Size: 60 cm/23.62"*45 cm/17.72"