Pet Flea Remover Comb
Pet Flea Remover Comb
Pet Flea Remover Comb
Pet Flea Remover Comb
Pet Flea Remover Comb

Pet Flea Remover Comb

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Flea combs also help to monitor these insects and reveal the level of infestation. But it isn’t that simple either. Generally, we can see only a third of fleas on the pets while combing increases the number of detected bloodsuckers twice. But this means that some of them still manage to escape and remain unnoticed. That is why you should comb regularly or even on a daily basis to be sure about the true level of infestation.

  • Both cats and dogs enjoy the stroking and attention. Combing is one more way to show your beloved pets that you take care of them.
  • Some pets, especially cats, don’t tolerate water while bathing helps keep the infestation low. This is largely due to the soap acting as a mild insecticide. As researchers from the University of Tennessee note, if bathing is impossible, a flea comb for cats will become a good substitute.
  • This tool can be applied to any breed of cats and dogs, regardless of their age and health problems. It virtually has no contradictions.
  • Apart from adult fleas, it also eliminates flea debris.
  • You will not keep encountering pet hair around your house, on sofas, chairs etc anymore. This will help you keep up sanitary conditions and, therefore, unfavorable environment for pets.
  • Allows to spot fleas in their early stages and as well as to prevent a further spread of infestation.
  • Reduces the need for application of chemical solutions.
  • In case you have a furry dog or cat, grooming with a flea combs helps get rid of knots and matting.
  • Combing is recommended after application of insecticides. Some solutions paralyze, instead of eradicating the fleas. To avoid their recovery, comb them out of the fur.