Perfect Wing Eyeliner Stamp
Perfect Wing Eyeliner Stamp
Perfect Wing Eyeliner Stamp
Perfect Wing Eyeliner Stamp
Perfect Wing Eyeliner Stamp
Perfect Wing Eyeliner Stamp

Perfect Wing Eyeliner Stamp

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If you're like us, drawing eyeliner wings, the finishing touch that brings your entire look together, is often the part of your makeup routine that gets skipped when you need to get out the door. Freeform wings take time, and if your left wing doesn't match your right wing, you have to start over-and you're already late!

With our Perfect Wing Eyeliner Stamp, getting the perfect eyeliner wings will be the fastest part of your makeup routine!

Get matching, water-resistant and smudge-proof wings every time, in no time!

 The Perfect Wing Everytime!

Eye liner wings have never been easier. Line up the stamp from the corner of your eye to the end of your eyebrow to create the same wing on each side. The curve in each stamp provides a quick natural cat eye look / flick.

★ Say Farewell To Freeform

The days of drawing your wings by hand are over. Simply stamp on your wings, and you're done! Not only will your left and right wings finally be exactly the same shape, with our stamp, your wings will be consistent with each application, so you can nail down the perfect eyeliner look.

★ Waterproof and Smudgeproof!

Our special makeup formulation containing natural materials dries quickly and holds on strong! Party all night, swim or sweat. You can be confident panda eyes won’t be present. Use your favorite eye makeup remover or facial cleansing oil to easily remove your eyeliner in seconds.

★ No Dipping Required, The Liquid Is In The Pen

No need for a messy brush and pot that you have to dip into. The eyeliner liquid is already in the pen and super smooth to ensure consistent color.

Our well-loved tool is a growing favorite among experts and beginners alike. Its gentle formula is suitable for various eye shapes and sizes.


1. Using winged stamp to the corner of eyes

2. Apply waterproof eyeliner pen of one end to top lash line

3. Use the other end of the eyeliner to deepen and connect

4. Correctly create the perfect wing or cat eyes in seconds

Friendly Reminder:

1. Do not use it on injured skin

2. Store at a normal temperature

3. Keep far away from children

4. This liquid eyeliner pen black belongs to a new product, you had better practice several times, the effect is better

NET WT: 3g