Infant Nasal Aspirator
Infant Nasal Aspirator
Infant Nasal Aspirator
Infant Nasal Aspirator
Infant Nasal Aspirator
Infant Nasal Aspirator
Infant Nasal Aspirator
Infant Nasal Aspirator
Infant Nasal Aspirator

Infant Nasal Aspirator

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Is it really important to have this Infant Nasal Aspirator when you're a new mother?

Did you know a nasal aspirator is a must-have item for your baby’s nursery? This is because all babies suffer from blocked and stuffy noses at some point, and because they don’t have the ability to ‘blow’ their nose yet, moms need to use tools such as an aspirator to pull the boogers from their little nostrils.

So we designed our Infant Nasal Aspirator to take the drama out of unblocking your baby’s nose!


  • Five gears can be adjusted and selected by one key control, easy and convenient for meeting different needs
  • Rechargeable design with USB cable, easy to charge and durable to use
  • Gentle but effective design makes it easy to help your baby breathe properly when their nose is stuffed
  • Detachable design - Easy to clean and sterilize. Simply open the detachable tips and the collection cup with hot soapy water.

  • Anti-reflux design- can prevent the snot from flowing back into the nose. This nasal aspirator will remove your baby's mucus fully, guaranteeing a good nights sleep on days where the nose is running or stuffy.
  • Newborn ready - The 2 sizes of soft silicone are made to fit fit newborns and +2 years, making it ideal and usable for years to come. It uses food grade silicone suction head and nozzle for soft and skin-friendly effect.
  • Safe and reliable - 5 levels of suction power and 2 sizes of soft reusable silicone tips in electric nose cleaner, provide perfect suction for every size nose while not harming your baby's delicate sinuses.
  • Clean and Healthy Materials - The silicone used is 100% BPA-Free and FDA approved for babies
  • Portable - You can bring it anywhere with it's compact size and usb charging makes it easy to put in any bag.


Use Instructions:
1. Before use, soak the suction nozzle in warm salt water for 10 minutes to disinfect.
2. Install the nasal aspirator and open the switch to start.
3. If the nasal excrement is dry nasal excrement, can use saline or nasal spray to spray into the nostril first, the nasal spray should be exposed to the nasal cavity for four to five minutes.

The fuselage is not washable, please do not put the fuselage in water to clean.


  • Vacuum maximum suction: 3500mmHg (65kPa)
  • Storage delivery environment: -10 - 55 Deg.C (the relative humidity remains within 85 percent)
  • Available in three cute colors.
  • Operation environment: 16 - 35 Deg.C (the relative humidity remains within 85 percent)
  • USB cable length: about 77cm