The Sun™ Brightest Portable LED Flashlight Lamp
The Sun™ Brightest Portable LED Flashlight Lamp
The Sun™ Brightest Portable LED Flashlight Lamp

The Sun™ Brightest Portable LED Flashlight Lamp

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The cordless, LED work light that you can hang up or stick up with magnets

The Sun™ Brightest Portable LED Flashlight Lamp is compact and light weight and provides light where you need it.

Why struggle with cords and bulky work lights?

This lamp is the amazing cordless LED work light that provides quick and easy light anywhere.

This hands-free light features a swivel hook so you can easily hang it, magnetic base that attaches any metallic surface and wide base to stand on flat surfaces.

The Ultra-bright LEDs provide 500 lumens so you can see where you need to. While the heavy duty construction can take a beating, it is compact, lightweight and best of all is cordless so you can take it along and use it anywhere.

Great for car repairs, plumbing repairs, camping, garages, sheds, and so much more. 

Battery powered and portable

Portable LED Flashlight Lamp is great for taking away with you either on camping, a holiday or any outdoor activity like rambling in the great outdoors. The lightweight and compact design means carrying and storing it is easy and won’t weigh you down or take up too much space in a rucksack or suitcase, and the bright light it gives out could be essential if you need to see in an area where there are no streetlights or power sockets. 

Hands-free cordless light

  • 20 Ultra-Bright COB LEDs with chrome reflective backing
  • Use it for emergency car repairs or late-night grilling

Powerful magnet base

  • Attaches to any metal surfaces

Swivel hook

  • Hang it anywhere you need light

Non-slip grip

  • Ergonomic rubber handle

More Features

  • Lightweight
  • Compact and durable
  • Also use as a drop light
Measurements: Approx. 2.83"L x 2.05"W x 8.35-12.25"H
Weight: Approx. 6.08 oz.
Material Composition: ABS and metal
Care: Store in a cool, dry place. If needed, wipe clean with non-abrasive cloth
Power Source: 3 AA batteries per light (not included)