Cervical Electric Spine Corrector
Cervical Electric Spine Corrector
Cervical Electric Spine Corrector
Cervical Electric Spine Corrector
Cervical Electric Spine Corrector
Cervical Electric Spine Corrector

Cervical Electric Spine Corrector

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This cervical spine corrector allows you to get rid of neck and back pain and helps to form beautiful posture at the cost of just 15 minutes of exercising each day. Cervical spine corrector is a comfortable personal simulator. Take it wherever you go!

1.  Elimination of the Fundamental Causes of Tension and Pain in the Spine

Cervical spine corrector allows you to get rid of pain or tension in the neck and back, while improving your posture. Thanks to the anatomical design, Cervical spine corrector is easy to place under the back, neck or sacrum. This will provide relaxation to the deep muscles of the spine and help to eliminate tension or pain in the neck, shoulder or lower back.

Feeling lightness in the body and having a good posture boost your mood, quality of life, motivation and overall health.

Cervical spine corrector creates an ideal relaxation of the neck muscles and shoulders at any time whether you are at home, in the office or travelling. Cervical spine corrector helps you to relieve tension in the body, improve your sleep and make you feel refreshed.

2.  Improve Your Posture

Cervical spine corrector effectively acts both in the sacrum area and in the base of the skull, allowing the position of the sacrum and the Atlas to be centred. If necessary, you can normalize muscle tone in the area of the diaphragm (middle of the spine) in particular.

Such correction of the spine key zones with the cervical spine corrector device allows you to improve posture within 1 week and continue to maintain it in perfect form or correct further if you have a more pronounced back curvature.

3. Help in Eliminating Back and Sciatic Pain

An effective and rapid elimination of sciatic nerve pain can be provided by means of relaxation of the deep muscles of the sacrum. Cervical spine corrector allows relaxing both pear-shaped and psoas muscles in 1-2 sessions, which makes it the most effective device for this particular problem.

Definitely a great gift to your parents - give them a cervical spine corrector!

4.  Yoga Therapy and Improvement of Sexual Drive

In yoga therapy, much attention is paid to relaxation of the spine muscles, especially in the pelvic and neck regions.

In fact, yoga therapists have already evaluated the first cervical spine corrector models. The practice of unloading the sacrum allows not only to relax the deep muscles of the pelvis and the spine, but also to activate kundalini.

5. Now with Cervical Spine Corrector You Can: 

- Relax your neck after long hours of work at the computer.

- Eliminate the overload of the muscles of the spine and knees after training.

- Feel electronic pulses stimulates accupunctural pressure points and improves blood flow.

- Get rid of back pain or sciatic pain in 15 minutes.

- Find lightness in the body and improve your posture.

- Even do yoga with cervical spine corrector.

How to use it?

1.Open the battery cover, Install 3pcs AAA battery Number 7,

2.   ON/OFF : Press the switch more than 3 seconds.

3.   Change Mode

Option 1: Press the switch once.

Option 2: Let it work for 2 minutes then automatically enter the next mode.

Product Packaging:

1 x Cervical spine corrector

1 x User Instruction

Product Dimension: 20*10*5CM  

Product Weight: 150G